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Auditing, Reviews, and Compilation Services

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Reporting on the financial conditions and operating results of a business is essential. Whether for use by management, shareholders, lenders or creditors, these assessments are an integral part of a business’s functionality. At Werdann DeVito LLC, every business is perceived as unique. We strive to understand the nuances of every client so that we can effectively match the service to the needs of the business. Whereas some businesses may require audited or reviewed financial statements to be used by lenders, creditors, and owners, others may require a compiled financial statement. Our procedure is to blend the technical, the practical, and the business approach in every instance. Our experience, expertise, and unrestricted resources permit us to utilize the latest computer-assisted, analytical review and audit techniques to provide clients with the financial information they need when they need it. Contact Werdann DeVito LLC for a consultation to see how our firm can help your business.

Auditing Services

Werdann DeVito LLC recognizes the importance of the audit. Our firm provides clients with thorough evidence that financial statements are in order and internal functionality is optimal. Audits are crucial in establishing credibility with lenders, shareholders, and other parties of interest. Our firm handles all auditing matters to help you assess success. Our experience in a wide range of industries allows us to analyze your business and compare your financials to your competitors. Werdann DeVito LLC covers the gamut of auditing services, including,

  • Analysis of bookkeeping processes
  • Comparison to competitors
  • The auditing of tax records
  • Assessment of internal controls

Compilations and Reviews

Assessing a business’s financial situation does not always call for a full audit. With audits being such a time-consuming process with a significant financial cost, there are times when a compilation or review will do the job. At Werdann DeVito LLC, we recognize the needs of our clients, answering those needs with the necessary tools.

Compilations are simple presentations of financial statements and other relevant information. Statements are read and a compilation report is executed. Compilations are often used to compare monthly or quarterly statements. Compilations are limited in scope. There is no assurance that this information is correct. It is simply a presentation sharing the information put forth by the company stating that the financial statements are a representation of the management of the organization.

Reviews are a bit more thorough than compilations. The review’s function is to ensure that the companies financial statements conform to the terms of the GAAP, the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. This is a limited assurance, through investigation and analysis, that these statements need no substantial modifications. Like the compilation, there is no opinion or assessment into the validity of the statements provided.

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Werdann DeVito LLC is an experienced CPA firm. Our CPA firm understands that every client is unique. Not every strategy works for every business. Our clients come from a wide variety of verticals. Adjusting our services to the needs of our clients is why we are successful. Audits, compilations, and reviews important tools for the assessment of a company’s success and functionality. It is important for our clients to be able to compare financial information and assess the path ahead by comparing it to the path behind. If you need a group of knowledgeable CPAs to help your business grow, contact Werdann DeVito LLC.