Litigation & Consulting Services

Litigation & Consulting Services

Providing litigation support for clients across the country

Litigation consulting services are performed for attorneys and others in connection with pending or threatened litigation or arbitration proceedings. Our firm provides a full range of litigation support and consulting services for attorneys, corporate clients, and individuals, including forensic accounting, matrimonial dissolution, bankruptcy filings, fraud detection, insurance claims, construction claims, contract disputes, lost profits, assistance with discovery, and expert testimony.

When facing litigation, you need qualified professionals ready to skillfully investigate your situation and present your position in court. Being prepared for any legal matter calls for the attention of an effective and knowledgeable team. Contact Werdann DeVito LLC for a consultation to find out more about our litigation support services.

Forensic Accounting Services

When litigation is a reality and financial facts are in question, Werdann DeVito LLC provides forensic accounting services to support clients in court. With years of experience in accounting, auditing, and investigation, Werdann DeVito LLC can provide clarity to a financial dispute through thorough research and documentation. Our firm is ready to provide your legal team with the support they need to be successful in court.

Matrimonial Dissolution Accounting and Tax Issues

Matrimonial dissolution is an emotional legal matter that is complicated by accounting and tax issues. When addressing issues like the division of assets, alimony, and child support, the help of a financial professional to document assets and liabilities is best. Our goal is to ensure that our clients receive a fair settlement. Werdann DeVito LLC is here to help.

Bankruptcy Accounting Services

Werdann DeVito LLC provides support for attorneys and trustees for all bankruptcy filings. Whether a business chooses Chapter 7 or 11, our firm will take the necessary steps to support our client. When individuals choose to file for bankruptcy, either Chapter 7 or 13, Werdann DeVito LLC provides the accounting litigation services needed for the client to be successful.

Business Valuation Services

Werdann DeVito LLC assists attorneys assigning a value to businesses for a wide range of litigated matters. For many situations, including divorces, shareholder splits, and other matters, attorneys need to fully understand what a business is worth and how it can be impacted by the case. When litigation is a reality and business valuation is needed, Werdann DeVito LLC is ready to step in.

Contract Dispute Services

Contracts are integral to most business agreements. Contracts can be executed with employees, customers, vendors, business partners, and more. When a breach of contract is a reality, our firm is ready to assist. Our firm can provide clarity on the true financial impact of a broken contract, supporting your legal team’s litigation strategy.

Lost Profits Services

When facing litigation, measuring a business’s loss of profits caused by a legal matter is one of the most complex issues attorneys face. When addressing a wide range of issues, including intellectual property violations, breach of contract, business torts, or other financially impactful legal matter, Werdann DeVito LLC can evaluate the effect on the business, quantifying the loss of profits.

Fraud Detection Services

Fraud is a terrible threat to organizations of any size. Many instances of fraud could have been avoided with the proper detection, saving time, money, and an organization’s reputation. Werdann DeVito LLC reviews accounting records, financial statements, and transactions to identify fraud. In addition, if fraud does take place, our firm will determine if the organization’s auditors were at fault for not identifying the problem.

Insurance Claim Services

Whether you are defending an insurance claim or pursuing support from a claim, a financial professional can support your position in court by providing financial evidence. Werdann DeVito LLC will stand up in court for either plaintiffs or defendants, providing the evidence and expert testimony needed to give the client the best chance of winning a case.

Construction Claim Services

When contractors, laborers, vendors, and property owners believe the conduct of another party has impacted the financial status or time frame of a project, a construction claim can arise. Our firm can quickly assess and understand the scope of the project, the root of the problem, and the true value of damages to defend or pursue construction claims.

Discovery Assistance Services

Discovery is the process when the facts of a case come to light. Attorneys who are preparing for litigation need an accounting team that can identify inaccurate information, interpret financial statements, and detect fraud. This information is often the heart of an attorney’s legal strategy. Whether used as evidence or delivered through expert testimony, what comes out during discovery can be crucial. Werdann DeVito LLC is here to help.

Expert Testimony

When in court, an attorney may need the support of a strong, corroborating position to succeed. When a legal matter involves the assessment of financial data, it may be crucial for the attorney to have expert testimony from a financial professional. The expertise and preparedness of your witness can be the keystone of a case. Werdann DeVito LLC is ready to step in to provide the support your legal position needs.

Contact an experienced litigation support consultant

Werdann DeVito LLC is an experienced litigation and consulting firm ready to assist attorneys and other parties facing litigation. Whether you are a business, individual, or attorney needing a financial professional, our effective and knowledgeable CPAs and consultants are ready to help support our client’s legal position. Contact Werdann DeVito LLC for a consultation to learn how our firm can help your legal matter.