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Werdann DeVito LLC provides constructive and creative tax planning services, including individual, corporate, partnership and limited liability company income tax planning, analysis of tax shelters, estate planning, examination representation before governmental agencies, i.e. IRS and State agencies and planning the tax aspects of corporate reorganizations, mergers, and acquisitions. We also prepare all types of tax returns, e.g. corporate, partnership, individual, estate and gift, fiduciary, not-for-profit, etc. Treasury Department rulings, international treaties, congressional hearings and court opinions are regularly reviewed to support our clients. Being fully informed when the tax code changes is imperative to providing the best in tax services. Werdann DeVito LLC provides a comprehensive tax strategy to meet the needs of our clients. If you are interested in knowing more about Werdann DeVito LLC, contact our firm for a consultation.

Business Tax Planning

Owning a business is time-consuming. It is crucial that you can put your all into every facet of your company. Whether or not you are financially savvy, having a financial professional ready to assist with business tax planning can help take some of the burden, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business’s success. Werdann DeVito LLC can do the following and more:

• Calculate estimated tax payments
• Consult on the tax implications of major purchases
• Control your tax due date when cash is tight
• Maximize credits and deductions

Cost Segregation Studies

Owning a commercial property can be complicated. Through a cost segregation study, a tax planner can mitigate your tax liability and boost your cash flow. Properly classifying your property and the parts of it as real property, personal property, and land improvements can change the depreciation schedule, reducing your tax liability and increasing your cash flow.

Payroll Tax Services

Paying taxes on your employee’s payroll is a huge responsibility. Even with one employee, it is your obligation to pay payroll taxes. With enough employees, you could need a full-time employee to manage this facet of your business. A misstep could be disastrous. The penalties for violating the ever-changing regulations of payroll taxes are steep. Werdann DeVito LLC is ready to step in. Our firm is knowledgeable in all payroll tax matters. Our firm will manage deductions, assist with filing returns, and maintain your records, all in compliance with mandated regulations.

Personal Estate Tax Planning

Estate planning is an important step in everyone’s life. If your estate is substantial, it may be taxed at the federal and state level. For example, in New Jersey, estate tax applies to estates greater than $675,000. Even if you don’t meet the requirements for federal estate tax, New Jersey’s tax may be something to consider. Werdann DeVito LLC works with clients to develop a comprehensive financial plan to help limit tax liability and get more money to the people that deserve it.

High- Net Worth Estate Tax Planning

Estate tax planning is a very important part of the estate plan. If your estate is valued at more than $5.43 million dollars, you may be impacted by the estate tax. The federal estate tax may impact your estate if you:

• Are not married
• Are married but have children from a previous marriage
• Have a business valued more than $5.43 million

State estate taxes may also be an issue for you and your loved ones. New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and most other states in the Northeast have estate taxes, inheritance taxes, or both. Through trusts, giving gifts before your death, and various business transactions, you can limit your tax implications and help your beneficiaries get more of the money they deserve.

Tax Return Preparation

Tax returns seem simple, but a mistake can cost you or your company. Werdann DeVito LLC provides expert tax preparation services that limit your tax exposure and utilizes every applicable deduction and credit to help you keep more of the money you deserve. With our firm, you can be sure that your tax returns are being prepared by an expert, your returns will be filed electronically for a quicker refund and we can mitigate your future tax burden by looking at your past.

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Werdann DeVito LLC is honored to be a resource to clients across the country who need quality financial advice and services. Our firm’s experience with tax matters allows us to provide the caliber of tax services our clients deserve and depend on. If you need a CPA firm with tax experience for any tax matter, contact Werdann DeVito LLC for a consultation