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There are numerous reasons to call upon a financial professional to evaluate one’s business. Whether you are looking to acquire financing, sell your business, need life insurance to cover the business or family when you pass, or going through a divorce, it may be time to assess the value of your company. Werdann DeVito LLC recognizes the need to have a trusted expert business appraiser ready to get the job done. A business valuation can be accomplished through a multitude of methods with a wide range of input variables. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions with digestible financial information. Werdann DeVito LLC is ready to tell you what your business may be worth so you can plan accordingly. Contact our firm to discuss your business valuation needs.

Divorce and marital dissolution

Being involved in a divorce is an emotional process. When your business is part of the marital estate, the matter can be quite complicated. At this point, it is important to assign value to the asset so that the state can add it to the list of properties to be equitably distributed. Our firm will develop a full understanding of how the business operates by digging through business records, financial statements, and transactional documents. Using widely accepted valuation methodologies, we will come up with a range of values. If applicable, we will also try to assign value to each spouse’s role in the growth of the business. With Werdann DeVito LLC, you can better negotiate a settlement or present your case in court.

Litigation Support

There are numerous instances when the value of a business is a critical part of the litigation process. Werdann DeVito LLC works with attorneys to help them develop their clients’ cases. For some legal matters, it is important for the attorney to have a full understanding of a business’s value. When attorneys and their clients need a firm that specializes in litigation & consulting services, they can count on the service of Werdann DeVito LLC.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The value of one’s business is a critical part of the merger and acquisition process. These deals depend greatly on the value of the business. If you are the buyer, you want the lowest possible value. For the seller, getting the most out of the company is vital. To negotiate these deals with confidence, you need accurate information and expert justification for the assigned value.

Buy-Sell Agreements

It is important to protect your family and business in the event of your passing. With a buy-sell agreement, you can identify your successor who can buy life insurance for you to be used to compensate your family for your share of the business. This is where business valuation comes in. In order for your life insurance policy to sufficiently cover the value of your share, you will need to assign value to your business. This is a complex matter. Not only do you need to assign value to your business today, you will need to try and predict how much it will be worth in the future. With all of this in tow, you and your successor can make informed decisions about your life insurance choices.

Estate Tax Planning

Estate taxes are a legitimate concern for some people who own a closely held business. Fortunately, estate tax exemptions have grown exponentially in the past few years. Even so, the exemption cap may be low enough to not fully cover the value of your business. This means that your family could be subject to a significant tax bill after you pass, sometimes leading a family to liquidate a business to cover the bill. It is important to plan ahead. In order to develop a comprehensive estate plan, it is important to know the value of your business for tax purposes. Our experts can give you an accurate assessment of your business to be used when making estate planning decisions.

Bankruptcy support

Bankruptcy may be the best solution for those in a bad financial situation. In the bankruptcy process, you will have to document your liabilities and your assets. With Werdann DeVito LLC, we will assess the value of your business so that you can file accurate information.

Contact an experienced Business Valuation CPA firm

Business valuation is an important tool when the time calls for it. It is best for a business owner to consult with an expert when assigning value to a business in any vertical. With Werdann DeVito LLC, you are in great hands. Our certified public accountants are standing by to provide an accurate and justifiable assessment of your business’s value. Whether your business is just starting out or an established conglomerate, our firm is ready to offer the same caliber of services. We recognize how crucial this process can be and we are ready to guide you through it. Contact Werdann DeVito LLC.