Why May My Business Require Valuation Services?

The goal of a business valuation is to tell you what your business is worth so that you can plan accordingly. More specifically, it allows you, in the future, to make informed decisions about your business with digestible financial information. For more information on why your business may require valuation services, read on and see how one of the seasoned certified public accountants at Werdann DeVito LLC, can offer you such business valuation services.

Why does my business need valuation services?

There are many valid reasons why you should acquire a financial professional to evaluate your business. Just some of the reasons read as follows:

  • You are undergoing a divorce or marital dissolution: if your business is considered marital property and you have not protected it in some sort of marital agreement, then it will likely be subject to equitable distribution under New Jersey law. Our firm can properly assign value to your business so that it can be accurately distributed. We will also assign value to both your and your spouse’s role in the growth of the business.
  • You are undergoing a litigation process: in this instance, there is a very good chance that you will have to understand the value of your business to best proceed. Our firm can conduct a thorough business valuation to help ensure this litigation process goes smoothly.
  • You are planning for estate taxes: even though estate tax exemptions for business owners largely expanded over recent years, the cap still may not fully cover the value of your business. This may leave your family to be hit with a large tax bill once you pass away. So, if you are attempting to make a comprehensive estate plan, our firm can give you the tax information you need.
  • You are undergoing a merger: usually, buters want to buy for the lowest value possible, while sellers want to sell for the highest value possible. This is why you must know the accurate value of your business.
  • You are arranging a buy-sell agreement: a buy-sell agreement will help ensure that your successor is clearly identified upon your passing so that they can buy life insurance on your behalf to compensate financially for your share in the business. Our firm can assign value to your business to ensure that your family receives the proper amount of compensation.

The bottom line is that it is in your best interests to hire one of our experienced certified public accountants and consultants. If you are ready to get started, do not hesitate to call us today.

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